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Winston Smith, please call your office

November 15, 2016
By Toby Westerman

Winston Smith, please call your office


Manipulate the past and one can control the present. The Soviet dictator and mass murder Josef Stalin sensed this principle and used it to make his defeated political rivals become "unpersons," individuals whose existence was officially assigned to oblivion. George Orwell carried Stalin's concept of "unperson" several steps further in his 1949 novel, 1984, in which the main character, Winston Smith, who worked in the Ministry of Truth, changed documents and records to contour the ever-changing past to the current needs of the Party. Today, there is ample evidence that our schools, universities, and popular media have taken over Winston Smith's job.

For a generation, religion (especially the Catholic Church), the free market, and the United States itself has come under merciless criticism within the educational system, with no room for dissent. Individuals such as the recently deceased Phyllis Schlafly, and organizations such as the National Association of Scholars have for years sounded warnings which were ignored or dismissed by the dominant mass media.

Decades of hostility to God and country have taken a toll on the minds of America's youth. Post-election rioting is not merely anti-Trump, but expresses visceral horror at a non-Socialist government. One recent survey documents the ignorance of young people regarding one of the most insidious political theories ever inflicted upon humanity: Communism, as well as its "little brother," Socialism.

Some of the findings of the survey include millennials believing George Bush killed more people than Stalin, 21% of respondents would vote "Communist," and more millennials agree with Marx than the Bible.

While alarming, the findings simply confirms the effects of a decades-long attack on fundamental truths and reality itself. We now see clearly that today's young people are set adrift in the bitter and unpredictable waters of ignorance, propaganda, and outright lies. Living in a world of lies breeds uncertainty, insecurity, depression, baseless anger, and a dependence upon those inventing the lies.

One of the prime victims of the attack on the human mind is God. Banished from political discourse, God is restricted to churches. He may not be safe there for long, however, since there is a movement demanding that priests and ministers perform homosexual marriages, although conflicting with belief. Depending on the whim of the Supreme Court, Catholic religious could also find themselves paying for abortion.

The attack on those believing in God is relentless and is basic to Communist/Socialist doctrine. The government must be sovereign above all, politically correct thinking (whatever its current form) must not be questioned.

Those holding to religious principles suddenly become "enemies of the people," retrogrades who wish to oppress various groups and spout superstition while attempting to pull society back into the "Dark Ages."

One of the cudgels used against religion, especially the Catholic faith, is the so-called "Dark Ages" or the "Middle Ages," the period roughly from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West to 1500.

This lie has become institutionalized. Far from an exclusively violent and brutish era, the "Middle Ages" saw a phenomenal growth in cities and population, due in large part to advances in agricultural productivity which was initiated by monk-farmers. The Catholic Church reintroduced Roman law to replace various barbaric practices to prove guilt or innocence, and was responsible for inventing the university system which we have today. What we know of Rome and its literature is due to the efforts of monastic scholars. While violence was a certainly a problem, the Church sought to restrain it through the Peace of God and Truce of God, limiting when and where fighting could take place.

Europe in the "Middle Ages" suffered not only from internal conflicts, but was the object of attack by nomadic tribes from the north and east, while Muslim raiders and armies attacked from the south (later from the east as well). Although barbarian groups were eventually defeated and converted by the mid-tenth century, Muslim onslaughts continued well into the "modern" era, the last major offensive stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683.

The lies produced by the Socialist and Communists are producing a world where functioning as a productive human being is becoming extremely difficult. God is real, but we are told He is not, religion lifts society, but we are told the opposite. Even recent history distorts the reality of human experience. We are told black people cannot succeed because of the effects of slavery, but ex-slaves became soldiers, farmers, and entrepreneurs. We are told the present state of the black family is due to slavery, but until the "no man in the house" welfare rules of the 1950s, the black family was as solid as their white counterpart.

Winston Smith was apprehended by the Thought Police, which was Orwell's reference to the Soviet secret police (known later as the KGB). For propagandists, whether they call themselves Communists, Socialists, liberals, or progressives, there is one unalterable demand: conform to whatever the current politically correct line happens to be - or else.

The youth of America deserve better than to have propaganda disguised as instruction. Propagandists have free speech rights, but do not have the right to be paid. Hatred, patent falsehood, and intolerance of disagreement should not be taxpayer funded. Donors must be aware of the campus reality of the colleges and universities to which they contribute. High school texts should be open for public inspection, while ordinary citizens should not be required to pay for their own demise.

Above all, living the truth is the best antidote to required propaganda, including readmitting God into the general society.


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