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Accuracy in Media
Ann Coulter
Anti-Terrorism Coalition
Canada Free Press
Capitol Hill Coffee House
Cardinal Kung Foundation
Center for Military Readiness
Conservative Caucus
Conservative Voice
Cuba Confidential [Important source for info on Cuban intelligence operations around the world]
Cybercast News Service (CNS)
Drudge Report
Family Policy Network
Front Page
Glenn Beck
Gun Owners of America
Human Events Online
Intellectual Conservative
Jihad Watch
Judicial Watch
Made in the USA
MoveOff Network
National Association of Scholars (advocating genuine
academic freedom)

National Review Online
Newsback (News discussion community. Forum and news website made so that users can comment about current events and talk about the news with other people)
NewsBlaze (News, including press releases, and reader commentary)
NewsSarasota -- News, Information, Pro-Defense, Radio Talk Program
New Sons of Liberty
OpinionNet -- Commentary...
Publius Forum
Raiders News Update
Rational Advocate
Renew America
Right Side News
Roman Catholic Faithful
Talk Show America
Tradition in Action
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
Where God Weeps